Summer & Winter Tactics:       Here you will find some guidance in carp fishing depending on the time of year you are hoping to catch your quarry.

Fishing for carp in the summer

Summer time is definitely my favourite time of year for carping.  I enjoy nothing more than to be beside the water on a beautiful summer evening.  Carp are very active in the these months and locating them can be far easier than any other time of year as they are far more active and more likely to give themselves away.  They like to bask in the sun and cruise lazily in the upper layers of the water.
Before I start fishing I take a good a look around the venue, then choose a swim according to what I find with regards to fish location, wind direction, other anglers etc. If you are a regular at a particular water you may know where to fish according to certain factors. This only comes from getting to know your chosen water and goes back to watercraft.
The natural food in the lake is in abundance at this time of year. The trees and bushes are full of berries and seeds and similarly flavoured baits are a good starting point.
The obvious places to start looking for your quarry are, for example, Shallow bays, beneath overhanging trees and amongst weed beds.
Summer time is also a good time of year to try out new rigs, baits and ideas but we will come on to a few of them later.
Always make sure that you have some floating baits in your kit and if possible a spare rod set up to fish them. I have banked many bonus carp while doing this. I certainly would not have caught them if my spare rod had not been ready.

Fishing for carp in autumn/winter

 Weather conditions in the autumn and winter will greatly effect carps feeding patterns. We have to change our strategies to suit. The drop in temperature in autumn will trigger the carp to feed quite heavily as the natural food will slowly start to diminish. The carp will try and gain weight to help them survive the harsh winter. As with any cold blooded animal the low temperatures will slow them down and they will look for the deeper water to reside in, the fish will move around as little as possible to conserve their energy.  For this reason it is important to try to locate the carp before starting to fish.
Normal rigs and methods will catch in winter, as at any other time of year and in my opinion there are certain points to remember.
Once you have located the fish, baiting should be kept to a minimum, a little and often approach is a good start,
Try to keep the baits in as tight an area as possible. Using a marker float will help achieve this. 
Choice of bait is really down to your personal preference. I tend to scale down a lot of my tactics and bait. The boilie isn’t the be all and end all but it is my first choice because it works so well and I have confidence in this approach.
Maggots and corn have done well for me in the past and these are also good for laying an accurate small bed of bait down.