Red Letter Day.

This article relates to the excellent days carping that don’t really come along too often.

Read on and find out how my latest red letter day unfolded

Red Letter Day!!

The Date:  21st April 2008

The Place:  Slough House

The day started with John turning up at the lake at around 7am, I was arriving later due to work commitments. 

Slough House is shaped like a horse-shoe and my swims are at the ends of the arms if you like fishing from the path up the middle.  This is where John had set up. He saved me the swim opposite on the left.  On arrival at 10.30 my buddy helped me set up and we sat back and waited. John had already lost one earlier and had nothing since, which was quite strange considering that both arms usually produce. With nothing forthcoming and the sun shining we decided to move and try a different tactic. We set up at the point swim right up the middle. Using one rod with a baggin’ waggler with a pellet set two feet below the surface we fired out freebies. After an hour we only had one fish. So again with all that bait going in we decided to have a match fishing for bream one rod out for carp the other for bream. We saw a couple of shows from carp over to the right near the far margin so John had a cast to them. At around 3.25pm he hooked into a carp which we landed and returned. Then just after his other rod burst into life at 3.45pm. This was the start of things to come.

The start of things to come, Common 15lb and Mirror 14lb 8oz

During the next hour and half John had another 3 fish around the 10-12lb mark.  I had nothing!!! John really did hit it off, Previously I had on two had ten fish out in a day here so know that good catches can be had.  So far John had caught 6 since we moved up until 5.15pm. Then another take at 5.20pm and another at 5.35pm this was fast and frantic stuff.

Two in quick both 14lb’ish

A quick recast to the spots and rods put back on rests. For 10 minutes it remained calm then Johns left rod burst into life. Just as we were landing the lovely mirror the other rod was away, 2 at once what a day for him and we still had a couple of hours left.

Two at once both 15lb 8oz, remarkable!!!

Now this was exciting stuff but my record was in threat of being broken. The fish were on the bait and what was quite remarkable was the fact we were using the same tactics no more than 30 yards apart. We were also using the same bait and same rigs. On one we had a pop up rig which on a visit to the lake 4 days earlier I had kind of put together out of nothing. The other rod we were using a braided with a size 12 hook and mini boilie we were using for the bream. The bream had long since been forgotten and John was still catching the carp on a size 12. I on the other hand couldn’t buy a bite. Johns rods were out once more, deep down I hoped I would catch one and that John stopped catching to preserve my record. I was really happy for him though having a blinding day. Two more small carp fell to John in rapid succession and my record was well and truly blown 12-0 to John. Then another at 6.45pm the biggest of the day followed by one from me, at last!!! Although I did poach it. I moved my rods  to the other side of Johns and Hey presto! Fish on. At 16lb I was happy.

A lovely 17lb PB for John from the lake and I get in on the action with a 16lb’er. 13-1 I was coming back!

At 7.15pm John decided to run some gear to the car and within minutes one of his rods was screaming into action. I struck into it and playing the fish when I heard the sound of a reel clutch whirring. i looked over to see one of my rods tearing off. Jumping over Johns rod I pulled into my fish, now I was playing two at once tightening down on one whilst holding the other between my legs. John arrived and we both landed our fish. Another good fish for John at 16lb and a catch and release for me. A recast for us both and by 7.30 he was into yet another carp, a lovely fully scaled mirror of 15lb 8oz. This made the score 15-2 a bit one sided I thinks!! At 7.50pm John was in on his rod he left out on the floor whilst we packed up this time a ghostie of around 15lb.

Numbers 14 & 15 for John 16lb and 15lb 8oz

Nice 15lb ghostie to

Whilst packing away at last knockings I managed a small ghostie myself around 8lb. A small consolation for me. The scores on the doors 16-3 to John. All was not lost as the pop up rig I had put together had destroyed the carp on the day taking 14 fish out of the 19 banked most of which were the bigger fish. Out of 16 fish John banked 10 around 15lb+. Top angling mate you deserve it! Between 3pm and 8pm we had 18 fish and lost 1 or 2 an excellent days fishing and a new record to aim for.