This Section is for recording my exploits on my new syndicate water that I have joined this season. The new water is run by Priors Fisheries and the Lake is called The Dell.

This season and future seasons will see myself and John fishing our new syndicate fishery called ‘The Dell’  Its been open for a few years and only come to light by talking to a few friends and getting the number for the guy that runs the fishery.  After meeting up with him back in December last year (2011) he told us a few spaces were going to be available in April so we immediately parted with a deposit to hold our places ready for the new season.  We had been told that there were 30 known 30lb carp and 2 over the 40lb barrier.  We were over the moon to find a lake with such fish that wasn’t going to break the bank and was only 10 minutes down the road.