More bait suggestions   

In this section you will find a few more baits to try and a few ideas to get your teeth into, to catch a few more carp.

Natural carp baits

These carp baits include maggots, casters and worms, they have at one time or another caught numerous fish of all sizes.  Maggots are widely used in the winter to catch wiley carp out. There are now special rings out now so hair rigging a bunch of maggots is much simpler than threading onto a needle and cotton and then tying to the hook. If the carp are not biting on anything else they may be tempted into taking a natural bait.  Baits such as prawns, shrimps and cockles have caught me fish. Other sea food may be used too.  Prawns are a favorite of mine as when threaded onto the hook mask it from view of the carp.  Mussels are also a good choice especially freshwater swan mussels which are found in some lakes.

Floating carp baits

Floaters, one of my favorite ways to catch carp especially in the summer months when the carp are up in the water.  Chum mixer or any other dog or cat biscuits, floating boilies and of course bread crust have all caught me carp.  One of my best sessions was using surface fished baits, accounting for 10 carp in 2 hours and losing a further 3.  I tend to glue two mixers together and attach to the hook by cutting out a narrow strip of mixer and inserting the straight end of the hook into the slot leaving the point visible. this is usually glued in place. I then may dip into a flavoring to add extra attraction.  I have also hair rigged mixers and pre-soaked them for hooking too.  Try it!