Day Ticket Carp Waters in the UK

day ticket carp waters in the uk

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If you love carp angling as I do, you’re probably constantly on the hunt for new fishing venues. Lucky for us, the UK has hundreds of lakes that cater to anglers of every ilk. Check out the list below for some of the best day-ticket carp waters in the UK.

1. Sandhurst Lake

sandhurst lake

If you want to do some angling in one of the most picturesque lakes you’ll ever visit, Sandhurst Lake is the place to go. Located on the world-renowned Yateley Complex, this famous carp fishing venue is a strictly one-day affair, which makes sense given there’s only one lake to fish from.


The 14-acre Sandhurst Lake is steeped in carp fishing history, and well-known names in the angling world have challenged its depths. All fishing is done on one island with numerous gravel bars peppered around an area nestled within mature wooded banks.

You’ll be pleased to know that this beautiful gravel pit is home to some seriously massive carp, with the Sandhurst venue record standing at 45 lbs (at writing). Even if you don’t reach that fish breaking record, you should still manage to catch a carp that weighs at least 30 lbs.


I wouldn’t advise showing up without a ticket because they’re not sold at the venue. Instead, you can only access its storied waters by booking your slot ahead of your trip, either on its official website or through the Crowthorne Angling Center.


The lake rules dictate that each angler is only allowed three rods. Also, adults are expected to accompany minors (below 18). Thankfully, it’s one of the best carp lakes regarding pet-friendliness: you’re allowed to bring dogs as long as they’re kept on a leash and away from the fish.

However, getting in the water is prohibited unless releasing a catch. Moreover, anglers aren’t allowed to use bait boats. Taking fish out of your designated swim and off-premises is strictly prohibited.

Take a look at Sandhurst Lake

2. Elphicks Fisheries


The Elphicks Fishery features seven lakes where you’re given a choice of session and day-ticket carp fishing. You’ll find it along Spelmonden Road in the Tonbridge area.


The 2.5-acre Kettles Lake is chock-full of carp, while Pullens Lake is a fantastic specimen carp water to fish in. North Lake is the largest of them all at 6-acres, but only individuals aged 17 years and over are allowed access. Depending on the lake you choose, you’re only allowed to fish with three rods maximum.

This fishery is one of the best carp angling venues in terms of parking, with every lake featuring car parks within walking distance from the banks. Additionally, it’s possible to stay for 48 hours, during which time your vehicle will be locked in when they close their gates for the night.


Regarding the on-site facilities, there’s a fishery lodge stocked with snacks, food, drinks, bait, and tackle products, with brands like Dynamite Baits, Sticky Baits, and the like gracing the shelves. Also, you’ll find standard toilet facilities in the main building, including ones for disabled anglers.

They also provide portable toilets and a shower area for overnight anglers. However, you’ll have to bring personal toiletries and towels along if you plan on taking advantage of the 48-hour window.

Take a look at Elphicks Fisheries

3. Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries is one of the most well-known day-ticket carp lakes among UK carp anglers. It’s located in Hardwick (west of Oxford) and provides nine-day lakes with no close season, so you can pop in on any day.


Beginner anglers can fish in the One Summer Pond. However, if you want more of a challenge, you can try the coarse fishing lake Hunters Corner Pond. Meanwhile, Manor Farm and St. Johns Lakes are where you want to fish for monster carp.

Once you get a day ticket from one of the bailiffs whose job is to patrol the waters, you can start fishing. Moreover, the tickets are valid for the entire day (24 hours), so you can stay overnight for some night fishing if you want to get your money’s worth. Additionally, you get a discount if you’re an armed forces member.


Linear Fisheries has adequate amenities like toilet blocks and shower rooms to make your stay comfortable. Also, you can buy bait and tackle from the convenience store, Linear Bait and Tackle.


You’re not allowed to bring carp sacks to Linear Fisheries. Additionally, the fishery doesn’t permit the use of bait boats, boats, drones, or radios. While you’re allowed to bring your dog along, ensure it’s leashed and not in season.

Linear Fisheries allow the use of all types of bait. However, you’re asked to soak and cook baits like seeds, nuts, and beans well and use them in moderation. You can read the complete list of their rules here.

Take a look at Linear Fisheries

4. Bury Hill Fishery

Bury Hill Fishery

Located in Westcott, Dorking, the Bury Hill Fishery is home to four lakes: Bond Lake, Milton Lake, Old Lake, and Temple Lake.


You’re sure to catch Crucian carp when fishing in Milton Lake, while specimen carp fishing is best done in Old Lake. The other two carp lakes are teeming with both young carp and older battle-hardened ones and other fish species.

Temple Lake is the newest of the four and has been tailor-made for angling and stocked with over ninety 20-pound carp and about a dozen 30-pounders. It provides breath-taking scenery in a meticulously landscaped environment home to gorgeous flora like lilies and irises. You also get free-draining swims where you can set up large fishing bivvies.

Meanwhile, the appropriately-named Old Lake is a 200-year-old water body lined with trees and lilies. You can fish from a boat or the bank of this lake or use the purpose-built punts to access the “jungle” area where it’s possible to catch massive specimen tench.

Bury Hill Fishery is a press darling and has been featured in numerous angling publications in the UK.


A network of all-weather access paths connects the Temple Lake boathouse to the rest of the fishery, and there are toilet and kitchen facilities close by for comfort.


This fishery opens its doors to visitors from 6.30 am, closing at 8.00 pm. You can obtain tickets from bailiffs at the fishery or book yours via its official website. Like other day ticket lakes, Bury Hill Fishery has rules that visiting anglers must follow. For example, the fishery doesn’t allow floating poles, method feeders, particle baits, or braided mainlines.

Take a look at Bury Hill Fishery

5. Berner’s Hall Fishery

Berner’s Hall Fishery

Consider heading to Essex the next time you’re in the mood for some carp angling. The county is home to Berner’s Hall Farm, which houses some of the most excellent day-ticket carp lakes in Berner’s Hall Fishery.


You can choose from three stunning lakes at Berner’s Hall Fishery, namely Meadow Lake, Poultons Lake, and Res Lake.

Poultons Lake is the smallest of the three lakes at an acre long. It features two adequately-sized wood-chipped swims for fishing in a lake teeming with about fifty carp. This is the lake to go to for floater fishing, intimate stalking, and other closer range angling tactics. Since it only has two swims, you’ll have to hire it, providing an exclusive fishing experience.

While Poultons Lake features a massive population of carp within its waters, Res Lake is the best of the three lakes if you plan on catching some big fish. Its 24 swims stretch out around 24 acres of crystal clear water stocked with hundreds of carp. While the water’s depth fluctuates during the year, the bottom of the lake is approximately 10-12 feet deep.

You’ll find Meadow Lake nestled between the River Roding and the reservoir. Purpose-built with the angling demographic in mind, it too is stocked with large, healthy carp and features abundant fishing spots. It’s the best lake to go to in the Berner’s Hall Fishery if you’re after runs.

Facilities and Rules

Berner’s Hall Fishery has a convenient tackle shop just a short distance from the fishery’s gates, so you’ve nothing to worry about if you forget to bring along an essential piece of fishing gear. As per its lake rules, an individual is only allowed three rods, barbed hooks, and rig tubes. Additionally, the fishery doesn’t allow pets, so leave the dog at home.

Take a look at Berner’s Hall Fishery

6. Cromwell Lake

Cromwell Lake

Cromwell Lake features 18-acres of lush specimen lake located in the tranquil Newark area in Nottinghamshire.


Featuring prominent gravel bars, drop-offs, and regions with silt, the lakes’ depths range between 3 and 18 feet. This fishery’s yearly stocking plan means you can catch some stunning fish size-wise, as it’s not unheard of for anglers to land 40 lbs whoppers.

Even though you’ll find different types of weed in the warmer months, you can fish in every peg, and anyway, the weeds provide the carp with a rich natural food source.


One of the factors that I believe is responsible for attracting anglers to this venue is the natural beauty that surrounds you as you fish. For example, you’ll see wildlife among the willows and cherry trees, heightening the sense of communing with nature.

You can use the barrows provided by Cromwell lake if you neglect to bring yours. Additionally, the fishery has an anglers lodge that’s open 24 hours a day. It features toilet facilities, changing rooms, a Wi-Fi connection, and facilities for eating like microwaves, fridges, and cooking utensils. Also, you can get a free cup of tea or coffee while you’re there.


Cromwell lake doesn’t slouch in the security department either; loads of CCTV cameras monitor the surrounding area. And the fishery only allows barbless hooks and enforces a three-rod limit on all visiting anglers. You’re allowed to use bait boats as long as you’re sensible about it. However, you can’t bring the dog along for the trip.

Take a look at Cromwell Lake

7. Coole Acres Fishery

Coole Acres Fishery

In the relaxing South Cheshire countryside, you’ll find the Coole Acres Fishery on Coole lane. This is one of the few stunning fisheries on our list purpose-built for day-ticket fishing.


Formerly a 20-acre grazing land, you can choose from three lakes stocked with carp and other fish species. During the remodelling, the fishery decided to make provision for wildlife, so you’ll encounter a few faunas in addition to being surrounded by flora.

Fox Lake contains Wels catfish and carp, with the former species weighing as much as 48 lbs and the latter up to 32 lbs. In addition to much smaller carp than the ones found in Fox Lake, Spanner Lake has roach and perch. Finally, Lodge Lake has tench and other previously-mentioned fish species.


Coole Acres features modern facilities, including disabled toilets and a shower area. It closes its gates to the public between 8.00 pm and 8.00 am from Monday to Friday.


You won’t be permitted to fish without an Environment Agency (EA) rod license. Additionally, you’re only allowed three rods and barbless hooks, and they must not be left unattended at any time. Wading into the lakes is strictly forbidden, and no dogs are allowed.

Take a look at Coole Acres Fishery

8. Bluebell Lakes

Bluebell Lakes

Bluebell Lake offers five carp and coarse lakes. It’s located outside of Peterborough and is frequented by many experienced anglers. The waters at Bluebell lakes are home to some of the enormous carp, with typical sizes weighing just under 60 lbs.


Of the five lakes, Kingfisher is the most renowned due to being the former home of Benson, a huge 64-lb carp. The other lakes include Mallard Lake, Bluebell Lake, Sandmartin Lake, and the interestingly-named Swan Lake. With the beautiful surroundings, pleasure anglers can have a relaxing time getting away from it all.


This fishery offers decent amenities, including toilets and shower areas. There’s also Bensons cafe, which serves breakfast and breakfast boxes, a burger van, and a dedicated tackle shop where you can get carp baits by well-known manufacturers such as Nash and Mainline. Additionally, the fishery provides parking spots close to the water.


You can get a day ticket from the reception once you arrive at the fishery (no advanced bookings). Additionally, you might be asked to provide identification upon arrival. You’re only allowed to fish with barbless hooks. Braided mainlines and sacks are strictly prohibited. The fishery doesn’t allow the use of drones without first obtaining permission from management.

You’re allowed to bring dogs to Bluebell Lakes. However, they’re to be kept on a leash at all times.

Take a look at Bluebell Lakes

9. Crowsheath Lakes

Crowsheath Lakes

If you’re ever in Downham, Billericay, swing by the Crowsheath Lakes to get some angling in. This day-ticket spot sits on 10-acres of farmland in the heart of Essex and provides three carp lakes to fish from, with depths of 6.2 ft on average (the maximum depth is 9.2 ft). You can learn more by looking at the Crowsheath Lake Map.


This fishery is very picturesque, featuring many wildlife and birds, grass banks as far as the eye can see, and crystal-clear swims. The Main Lake is home to roughly 350 carp, which weigh 18 lbs on average. You can also catch 20 and 30-lb carp, and rumour has it that a 40-lb carp stalks the water’s depths.


Currently, Crowsheath is constructing a Carp Canal, which it hopes will offer space for up to six pegs. Additionally, the fishery plans to stock its waters with 10-lb carp. Moreover, Crowsheath features a lake stocked with pike, so you can switch things up with some pike fishing if the mood takes you.


You can get your day-ticket on-site. Additionally, you can extend your stay for a spot of night fishing. Crowsheath Lakes only allows anglers to fish with barbless and micro-barbed hooks. Also, you can’t use beach casting methods and must return the fish to the water after a catch.

Take a look at Crowsheath Lakes

10. Hunters Lodge Fishery

Hunters Lodge Fishery

If you’d like to fish amid lush trees, head to Hunters Lodge Fishery in Brigg, Lincolnshire. This fishery has three specimen carp lakes to fish in, each home to 30-lb carp. Additionally, it has a Silverfish Lake, in which you’ll find species like Roach, Chub, Tench, Barbel, and Bream.


You can catch Ghost carp, Mirror carp, and Common carp when fishing in Kestrel Lake, with the lake record standing at 32 lbs. However, it has the space to accommodate a maximum of size anglers at a time, so you’ll have to book your peg early.

In addition to day-ticket fishing, you’re also allowed to do some glamping by the lake. The day-ticket prices are also incredibly budget-friendly, despite giving you access to well-stocked lakes. You can book your ticket online at Lake Bookings.


There’s a cafe on-site where you can get breakfast, cakes, sandwiches, and coffee of different strengths, so you won’t go hungry while fishing if you forget to pack a lunch. If the food isn’t your liking, you can order takeout, as local takeaways deliver to Hunters Lodge.


Due to past problems with fish theft, you’ll have to subject your vehicle to random search while on the premises. However, it’s a small price to pay given the rock-bottom admission fee.

Take a look at Hunters Lodge Fishery

11. Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake gets its name because its shape slightly resembles a horseshoe. This fishery’s lore aside, the Horseshoe Lake has grown in popularity over the years. The fishery borders Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire in a peaceful environment.


This fishery spans 62 acres of land and water and boasts a carp stock of between 800 and 1000 specimen carp. At present, the record for the biggest carp stands at 41 lbs, while you can expect to catch a 21-lb carp on average. In addition, you can catch other fish species, including pike, bream, tench, and roach.

In addition to carp angling, Horseshoe Lake offers watersport activities like dinghy sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing, to name a few. You can also take walks and admire the countryside, birdwatch, and spot the wildlife.

Facilities and Rules

On-site facilities include toilets and showers, a tackle and bait shop, and a fully-catered lodge where events are hosted. Also, the fishery has a car park with limited disabled access.

Members of Carp Society can purchase their fishing tickets at the tackle shop (within office hours). Anglers are allowed a maximum of two rods only.

Take a look at Horseshoe Lake

12. Bake Lakes

Bake Lakes

Affectionately dubbed the jewel in Cornwall’s angling crown, Bake Lakes is a coarse and specimen fishery in the glorious Cornish countryside. Featuring nine lakes and ponds spread across a 30-acre environment, this fishery offers the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Beginners and veteran anglers will enjoy fishing in the lake’s waters, while the many wildlife and birds will give them something else to marvel at while they wait for a bite. You can fish in Ceasar’s Palace Lake, where you stand the chance of landing a 25-lb scaley carp or pike.

The 5-acre Luxor Lake is home to some cunning fish, offering a challenge to more experienced anglers. Carp catches may weigh as much as 30 lbs. The Flamingo, Dunes, Treasure Island, Emperors, Snag Alley, and Canal Lakes all offer a delightful carp-angling experience to varying degrees.

Bake Lakes is home to five different kinds of carp, namely Mirror, Crucian, Leather, Ghost, and Common carp. You can get your day ticket to one of the above carp lakes when you arrive at the fishery. Only Ceasar’s Palace Lake requires a booking.


You won’t be allowed to fish without an EA rod license. Also, you’re only allowed three rods, two of which should carry the license. The fishery only allows barbless or micro-barb hooks and doesn’t allow artificial baits bigger than a grain of corn. Among other rulesanglers must be over the age of sixteen to access the waters.

Take a look at Bake Lakes


So, did you enjoy the list? If you’re one of the true fishing enthusiasts out there, you’ve probably taken notes and plan on visiting one of the spots mentioned.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, if you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to share it!

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