My Carp Rigs to make or buy.

In this section you will find details of the carp rigs I have used on various carp lakes in the UK and France. I have had very good results on all. My carp rigs will be available in my online shop, or if you prefer I can make rigs to your spec if required

Here are a selection of the carp rigs I most commonly use, I find that each rig can be used as a bottom or pop up rig, (with the exception of the stiff fluorocarbon). With the combi-rigs a small piece of putty can be added to the supple section of the rig for a good pop up presentation.  The green carp rig I find suitable for weedy conditions or for fishing near reeds or pads, (depending on bottom). The camo-skin carp rig I usually fish on clay or gravelly bottom. The fluoro I use for bite shy or riggy fish. I find these  carp rigs are great for clear gravelly waters as the fluorocarbon virtually disappears when immersed. I can also adjust these carp rigs easily depending on the bait I am using by extending the hair or changing the size of hook.  I tend to use long shank hooks for bottom rigs and wide gapes for pop ups, (But have been known to use either).

Below is a carp rig I have been using the most and I find it quite useful in most situations. The rig shrinks slightly when wet and becomes almost elastic when pulled. This gives the fish that little bit extra before feeling the lead.  I use weighted rig tubing on the braid to keep it pinned to the lake bed rather than putty as I feel it makes a better presentation. I use this carp rig either helicopter style or with PVA bags as without these being braid is prone to tangles on the cast. I have had my PBs on this rig and it is proving quite popular with a few of my carp fishing buddies. Order some from my shop and see for yourself.

Tight Lines for now!