Carp Lake Reviews           

Here in this section I will review some of the carp lakes I have had the pleasure carp fishing on.  I will be reviewing carp lakes from the UK and France as I fish them.

Whitevane Pond – Horsham 
I started carp fishing on Whitevane about 10 years ago with my Dad.  I found it quite a big lake at first as I had only been fishing a small lake in Staines.  But two sessions and a couple of 20lb’ers later I found it more manageable.  Whitevane has been really good to me and after a few sessions this year feel like I am getting to know the place a bit.  Its now run by a very helpful owner by the name of Adam, he has improved the lake since my early days there with the addition of several islands and a good tidy up.
On arrival he greets you and fills you in with any questions you ask him. He will then transport all your gear to your chosen swim and let you fish with no silly rules and restrictions (so long as you are sensible). Baitboats are allowed and he insists on barbed hooks. You may use the lodge for cooking and rest, and use of the WC and washroom is very welcome.
The one thing that keeps me returning is the thought of a big common carp called Tulip coming to my rods. At 44lb she is awesome.
There is a good head of 30’s and lots of 20’s to go for. Its been stocked in recent years and they are growing well. Good hauls are fairly common if you hit it on the right day. Myself and carp fishing buddy John had 23 fish in a 48 hour session also losing 9 between us back in June 07. Still no 30’s yet but we keep trying. Whitevane is a day ticket carp lake and you can book up for a weeks fishing and also reserve a swim.

Slough House – Near Brentwood, Essex

I have been fishing over at Slough for the last two seasons I only go for a few hours on the odd afternoon just to get a bend in the rod, Its also a place where I take my non-fishing mates to teach them and get into the sport.  It has a good head of carp up to around 20lb, There are lots of fish and its quite an easy water so you should catch with all methods. It also contains some big catfish although I am not sure of its biggest, I had the pleasure of catching one this summer and what a scrap. You can only fish from dawn til dusk but thats good enough for some action.
Birds Green, Fyfield, Essex

After my recent trip to this complex I have to say that my first impressions were quite good. Despite being a small carp lake of around 2 acres with a large central island it looked like it would be a pretty lake in the summer with lots of bushes, rushes and trees. I was told that in the summer it tends to get quite busy. The complex has 3 lakes open to day ticket and another up the road on a syndicate ticket. The lake I fished was the specimen lake, here there is a good head of carp to nearly 30lb with lots of 20s and upper doubles.  There is also a smaller lake with lots of carp to 15lb, a runs water really. There is also a match lake for those wanting a broader variety of fish.  On site there is a tackle shop and a cafe.  WCs are clean and tidy. A very nice water with everything you need and only a few miles from Fyfield.

Le Valdore, France

This is a lovely complex of 5 carp lakes in northern france. I have only fished lake 5 and found that the average size of fish to be around 16lb. There are more bigger fish to upper 30’s. The other lakes contain carp upto 68lb, and catfish over 100lb. The complex has showers and toilets and a bar which can cater for hungry anglers. Use of electricity for charging of batteries and freezer for baits are provided. You can purchase a package to use all amenities for 20 euros (£15 approx) per week. There are also bait boats and bikes for hire and limited bait and tackle available in the lodge.  The baliffs are very knowledgable and will help you should you require it. You can gain more info at check it out. I only fished lake 5 because I booked the whole lake for 10 people of which 4 were fairly new to this kind of carp fishing. If I had the choice lake 2 or 3 would be a good option. See my blog and galleries for some fish from lake 5.