Carp Baits.

Where do you start?  This is a small introduction to carp baits used in modern carp angling today. This section is really aimed at the novice carp angler just starting out and, who wants to broaden their horizons and knowledge.  This is only a reference to the types of carp baits available today.  I will look at the different carp baits and their practical uses for carp fishing.

What types of carp bait are available? Carp baits fall into several categories, There are ready made baits such as the popular most commonly used boilie which is available in various sizes, shapes and smells. There are other carp baits you can pick up cheaply in your local supermarket, like bread, cheese and meats like luncheon meat and peperami. Bait such as bread are very flexible and can be used flake form which is pressed lightly to the hook, or as a paste, lastly the popular choice is crust which can be used as a very good suface bait.  Pellets, pastes and particles can even be used these days and are becoming more and more popular. Again they come in various shapes and sizes.  There is of course the old classic natural baits like maggots, casters and worms.  These are always worth a try and should be part of your bait armoury.  Floating baits such as chum mixers or dried cat or dog food are great as they come in different shapes, flavours and colours. I will go into more detail in the relevant sections, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of carp baits, you may be surprised!