The 6 Best Carp Stalking Rods in 2022 – Buyers Guide

When it comes to stalking carp, the rod you choose is critical. If you want our take, the Sonik Sports Xtractor stands out as a prime choice. Read on to discover the best carp stalking rods and why they made our list.
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest OverallSonik Sports XTRACTOR
  • Retractable
  • Sleek but durable
  • Comes in 9ft and 10ft
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost LightweightDaiwa Black Widow Carp Stalker
  • 10ft in length
  • Weighs only 0.51 lb
  • Test curve of 3Ib
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost ComfortableWychwood Carp Unisex Extricator MLT 9FT
  • 9ft in length
  • Comfortable hold
  • Dedicated floater fishing rod
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flyfisherpro-table__imageMost AdaptableGreys Carp Stalking Rod
  • Affordable price
  • Great for a wide range of fishing
  • 7ft, 9ft and 12ft
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest for BeginnersNGT Unisex Dynamic Margin Stalker
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful camo design on the blanks
  • 2.5 lbs test curve
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBudget PickOakwood Carp Stalking Rod x 2
  • Great for short rod fishing
  • Lightweight
  • Test curve of 2lb
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The 6 Best Carp Stalking Rods in 2022

1. Sonik Sports XTRACTOR

Sonik Sports XTRACTOR

Sonik Sports XTRACTOR

Best Overall

Rating: 4.7

  • Retractable
  • Sleek but durable
  • Comes in 9ft and 10ft

The Sonik Sports XTRACTOR is the poster child of retractable carp rods, which are all the rage in the angling world. The carp rod allows you to carry a lightweight tool that reduces the weight of your fishing gear instead of adding to it.

The rod is robust and super strong, and it can withstand any carping situation. You can also easily adjust it to suit whichever length you want.

Not to mention, it has a rubber handle that won’t create scars on your palm when you’re angling for long hours. It weighs just about 2.75lb with a length of 50cm. Also, you can easily transport this rod, and it can fit comfortably in your car.

Featuring a 3lb test curve, you can get your money’s worth with whichever tackle you choose!

Additionally, there’s the anti-frap tip that holds the fish for you in tight swims. This way, you won’t have any losses during your sessions. Plus, your fishing line will be kept in good shape.

Last but not least, these rods have slim silk matt black carbon fibre blanks with enough butt section reserve power.

2. Daiwa Black Widow Carp Stalker

Daiwa Black Widow Carp Stalker

Most Lightweight

Rating: 4.3

  • 10ft in length
  • weighs only 0.51 lb
  • Test curve of 3Ib

The Daiwa Black Widow Carp Stalker is perfectly fitted for light fishing because it’s, well, light. This rod weighs 0.51lbs.

In addition, the handle section under the reel seat is covered with black EVA to ensure comfort. Are you looking for rods that won’t hurt your hand? The Daiwa Black Widow Carp Stalker is just for you.

Also, such rods are very slim and may easily fall out of your hand. But the good news is that this tackle can catapult your rigs to long distances when you’re by the swim.

Furthermore, this rod’s blanks are super strong and give you the outstanding balance you need to handle your catch. You won’t have to worry about your bait falling off. It also offers high power reserves and great surface quality to suit your fishing balance.

3. Wychwood Carp Unisex Extricator MLT 9FT

Wychwood Carp Unisex Extricator MLT 9FT

Most Comfortable

Rating: 4.6

  • 9ft in length
  • Has a grey finish
  • Has a comfortable hold
  • Dedicated floater fishing rod

You can use the Wychwood Carp Unisex Extricator for a long time, and you won’t experience any discomfort while doing so.

This carp extricator makes your tight swims exciting. Its weight is 2.75lb, which means it doesn’t have the best casting power. So, it may break when a much heavier fish latches onto it.

This rod can cast over several yards in tight swims. You can even adjust its range, depending on what you prefer. Not to mention, it has a complete setup that some carp rods can’t match.

Some rods become challenging to handle, as they wear out. However, because the Wychwood model’s handle is made from durable cork, it lasts for long. It’s also an excellent option for floater fishing.

4. Greys Carp Stalking Rod

Greys Carp Stalking Rod

Most Adaptable

Rating: 4.5

  • Adaptable sizes: 7ft, 9ft and 12ft
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Great for a wide range of fishing

This Greys Carp Stalking rod can be 7, 9, or 12-foot in length. The variant that’s 9 feet long is our favourite because it’s the most adaptable of the bunch.

For instance, you can use it for several techniques, including PVA bags, light leads, and close-in surface fishing or floater fishing.

Otherwise, the 7ft rod has a test curve of 2.75lb, but the downside is that it has a low butt section.

When you’re hunting a huge fish, this rod can help you hold it tight, and you won’t be putting yourself at risk. It also has a hook keeper that holds your tackle together when you aren’t using it at any moment.

Then, the 9-foot model is our favourite in terms of quality and value because it’s so affordable and can be easily stored.

We love this rod for its versatility. It has excellent grip handles that ensure the rod won’t fall off easily when you’re fishing. However, the downside is that the removable line clip is slightly uncomfortable.

5. NGT Unisex Dynamic Margin Stalker

NGT Unisex Dynamic Margin Stalker

Best for Beginners

Rating: 4.0

  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful camo design on the blanks
  • It’s an excellent choice for beginners
  • 9-foot length
  • 2.5 lbs test curve

The NGT Unisex Dynamic Margin Stalker is a great choice to fish with, thanks to the manufacturer NGT’s focus on producing best-in-class fishing gear at cost-effective prices.

This rod is handy and great for close-range and floater fishing. With a 2.5lb check curve, it offers outstanding performance. Is there a better way to start your angling journey?

If you love aesthetics, this beautifully designed fishing tackle comes in two colour choices: camo and graphite. So, you can choose any colour to complement your fishing gear.

Furthermore, it comes with a bag so that you can store your accessories. However, we have to say that this stalking rod doesn’t come with batteries.

6. Oakwood Carp Stalking Rod x 2

Oakwood Carp Stalking Rod x 2

Budget Pick

Rating: 4.0

  • Great for short rod fishing
  • Lightweight
  • Test curve of 2lb

Even before we get into the features of the Oakwood Carp Stalking rod, we can’t help but mention that you can buy two for the price of one. So, if you’re looking for a cheap but effective rod, this will be an excellent addition to your fishing gear.

At 8ft, this incredible rod is perfect for anglers who want to fish with short rods. It also has a test curve of 2Ib.

The Oakwood design is made of carbon fibre and is lightweight, making it easy to handle. But if you’re hunting a huge catch, it might weigh you down.

Even more impressive is the fact that both rods are packaged separately. This isn’t the best rod on the market, but it certainly stands out among the options in that price range.

How to Pick a Carp Stalking Rod

If you want to pick a rod that’ll fit your needs, there are some essential factors you shouldn’t overlook. We’ve provided you with a guide to assist you in making the buying decision.


The size and weight of your rod are critical. You’ll want to get a lightweight rod that’s easy to handle.

In addition, the rod should be able to handle a wide range of fishing situations. So, you’ll want to focus on a rod that’s light, portable, and short.

how to pick stalking rod

For stalking, we don’t recommend any rod over 11ft since it’ll be hard to use. Ideally, your carp rod should be either 9ft or 10ft. Keep in mind that you aren’t doing long-distance fishing. So, as long as your rod can cast up to 30 yards, you’re good to go.

Much shorter rods can also be beneficial, especially if you’re trying to catch fish only a few feet away from where you’re standing. And the exciting thing is that shorter rods are becoming increasingly popular among anglers.

Test Curve

Another essential factor you should look for is the test curve. In simple terms, the test curve refers to the weight required to bring the tip of the rod to a 90-degree angle to the butt (while holding the butt horizontally).

When picking a rod, a test curve of 2.5lb is perfect, but anything between 2lb and 3lb can get the work done.



Whatever rod you decide to buy, it’ll have to be compatible with your carp reel. Avoid mistakes like purchasing an extremely light rod and pairing it with a big and heavy reel. When your carp rod and reel are incompatible, you’ll strain your hand and break the rod.

Handle Material

Carp stalking rods come with handles that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to improve your fishing experience.

Of course, you’re likely to go for a particular handle according to your taste. However, cork handles give stalking rods a classic look. If a cork handle isn’t your preferred handle material, you should check out handles made from slick Japanese shrink-wrap.


Price is one of the first things you think about when you plan to buy a carp stalking rod. However, you should be careful. Buying rods just because they’re cheap isn’t a good idea.

That said, you don’t have to invest a fortune in getting carp stalking rods. Start by compiling a list of the tackles you want to buy. Next, compare each based on features and prices. That’ll give you a clear idea of which tackle is genuinely affordable and would be the best investment for your money.

Carp Stalking Rods: Cleaning Mistakes

Carp Stalking Rods: Cleaning Mistakes

If you want your stalking rods to last longer, then you have to keep them clean. However, not cleaning them properly can have the same results as not cleaning them at all.

Let’s look at some mistakes you might be committing in cleaning your stalking rods and how to do it the right way.

Not Cleaning Your Rods

As you fish, your stalking rod accumulates a lot of salt water residue. The dried-up salt will start the corrosion process when you don’t wash your rods. So, you’ll end up with a rusty stalking rod.

Cleaning your stalk won’t take up much of your time. All you need is some fresh water and a rug, and you’re good to go.

Not Cleaning Your Rods Early Enough

Not Cleaning Your Rods Early Enough

Not cleaning your stalking rods quick enough can also cause corrosion. You might want to wait a while after fishing for carp to clean your stalking rods, but it’s essential to do it as soon as possible.

To make it easy for you, you can keep a sprayer and rug in your car or among your fishing gear. This way, you can clean your rod immediately when you’re done fishing.

Using Detergent to Clean Stalking Rods

No matter how dirty your rods get, never use detergent to clean them. The soapy water can get into your reel and break down the grease. Then, it’ll affect the performance of your rod.

Not Drying Your Rods

An essential step you shouldn’t overlook is drying your rods. Although you can wipe the rod down after washing, you should dry them to remove any moisture. This will get rid of excess salt, which can cause your stalking rod to rust as we’ve mentioned.

carp stalker rods last words

Last Words

All in all, we’ve looked at the best carp stalking rods that will make any carp fishing adventure exciting. We’ve also looked at how to pick the best rods and how to clean them.

Overall, the Sonik Sports Xtractor Stalker is our best performing option. If you’re on a budget, try the Oakwood Carp Stalking Rod, which offers impressive performance. For beginners, the NGT Dynamic Margin Stalker might be your best bet.

Still, the Sonik Sports Xtractor Stalker is our top pick. After all, it isn’t every day that we come across retractable carp rods that are sturdy, sleek, and comfortable!

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